Ask Jackson Jekyll
Well ** kisses him on the cheek*** you look good today!!:)


Oh, um, thank you! Y…You too.

what is your favorite chocolate?

I don’t really have a favourite chocolate. I am not a big fan of candy - but considering my last cavity, Holt must be.


Thanks Invisibilly!!

You are handsome too^^;

How come you don't like music? Do you only like it if it's soft, romantic, and not way too loud?


I just don’t like music in general, I can listen to a variety of music that isn’t loud or upbeat, but I’d rather not.

unf (Mun speaking more than muse)

Thank you so so so much!

(you too)

Demone: Hey there, pardon me. You mind telling me how to get to the headless mistress's office. I'm new.


Oh Hello there! Um.. yeah, I think I can do that. I’m not much of a visual person, so would you mind following me? My memory isn’t that great.

When you turn into Holt, what happens with Crossfade? Does he knows how to identify you? Does he only change its color or does he has another "personality"?

Hmmm. Crossfade does know how to identify me from Holt. Since chameleons can change colour, I suppose Crossfade changes colour just to blend in with whoever is with him present. Personality wise …..I don’t know.

I’m just using what knowledge I do have about what he does around Holt.

What was the last thing you ate?

Macaroni & Cheese! 


Do you like frankie or claire i just dont get it


Well…. I suppose that is difficult to answer. When Claire kissed me, I don’t think she did it because she loved me. And as for Frankie, I guess that’s a thing I still need to work on…Frankie is my friend..maybe it is meant to stay that way?

Whats your ooc gender?

My ooc gender? image